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AWS Made Simple and Fun

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270-page guide to AWS solutions. Perfect for devs, tech leads, and software experts.

  • Analyze real-world scenarios
  • Get detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Understand the reasoning behind each solution
  • Learn best practices to scale and secure the solution

This book is meant to serve as a guide to different AWS solutions, explaining how to implement them, the reasoning behind the decisions, and best practices to take the solution to the next level. It was written for devs, tech leads, cloud/devops engineers and software experts in general, who have a basic to intermediate understanding of AWS and want to take that understanding to an advanced level, one solution at a time.

This book is not meant to help you with certifications, and it is not meant as a repository of production-grade solutions you can copy-paste. The goal is to help you develop and improve your understanding of these solutions, from both an implementation and an architectural perspective.

Most chapters contain:

  • A use case
  • A scenario to give context
  • The list of AWS services involved
  • Instructions on how to implement the solution (including code samples)
  • An explanation on how the solution works
  • A discussion on the problem
  • A list of best practices

Some others serve just as an introduction to a topic, and only have a brief explanation of an AWS service and some best practices for it.

Chapters are grouped by topic similarity, some work as continuations to other chapters, and some may briefly reference other chapters. However, each chapter can stand on its own and be read independently of others, and reading them in any order shouldn't significantly affect your experience.

This book is part of the Simple AWS newsletter.

You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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Verified Buyer

4 months ago

Highly Recommend

I subscribed to this Blog over a year.I always use their website and books to learn something new because it is very delightful when I use to get what they want to say and explain.Thank you ! Keep going on !


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Great use cases reflecting real case scenarios

I found it quite interesting to look at different use cases in AWS, the author does a good job at creating context and diving into explanation


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Amazing Content

Thanks for Sharing Amazing Content

Ram R.

Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Awesome, my learning made really simple

It was an amazing book that i have recommended all my fellow colleagues and friends. The book is simple to read and understand. Thank you so much for all your efforts on this.


Verified Buyer

10 months ago

Good and simple stories!

Good and simple stories!

AWS Made Simple and Fun - Use cases, cloud solutions, discussions and best practices. | Product Hunt

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