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Node.js on AWS: From Zero to Highly Available and Scalable Hero

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Node.js on AWS: From Zero to Highly Available and Scalable Hero

A step-by-step journey from "I have a Node.js app, what is AWS?" to "I've containerized the app and deployed it in AWS ECS with best practices, and it's scalable and highly available!"

The goal of this book is to help you understand how to deploy a Node.js app in a highly available and scalable architecture on AWS, and apply best practices to the deployment.

It starts with a basic Node.js app, and progressively converts it to a scalable and highly available application deployed in AWS, following best practices. Every chapter deals with one aspect or best practice, and provides explanations on why this should be done and step by step instructions to do it.

This book is best enjoyed by software engineers of all levels with beginner or intermediate knowledge of AWS and want to see how an app is deployed end to end with actual best practices.

No expertise in AWS is required.

No expertise in JavaScript or Node.js is required.

Updated 08/16/2023

You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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Ana M.

1 year ago


Felicitaciones por escribir el libro

Hi! I'm Guille Ojeda, Solutions Architect

I'm an AWS Solutions Architect Professional, and working as a Solutions Architect Consultant I've helped dozens of clients improve their cloud architectures. For the past year I've published a weekly newsletter called Simple AWS, with more than 4000 subscribers. I also published two books in the process: AWS Made Simple and Fun, and the book that inspired this course: Node.js on AWS: From Zero to Highly Available and Scalable Hero.

I want to help software experts architect better cloud solutions on AWS. I've been an official AWS Authorized Instructor, I've taught private courses, coached engineers and architects, and delivered talks on public events in front of hundreds of people. That's the experience I bring to the table, and how I hope to impact your career.

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