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Learn How to Leverage AWS Services and Tools to Deploy Highly Available and Scalable Applications

Deploying on AWS

IMPORTANT: This course is on early access. Most of the content is already available, but Modules 16 and 17 will be published in the coming weeks.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to deploy applications in AWS using industry best practices.

Whether you're a software developer just starting your journey or an experienced dev looking to enhance your cloud skills, this comprehensive training is designed to take you from "I know how to code, AWS is for DevOps engineers" to "I can deploy my own applications on AWS, and I understand what I'm doing".

In this course, you can expect to learn:

How to containerize applications

You will learn how to take a Node.js application and containerize it.

AWS and basic services

You'll understand how AWS works, what are the basic services you need to deploy an application, and how to use it without creating major security risks.

How to deploy a containerized application on AWS

Through guided step-by-step instructions, you will understand how to leverage AWS services to deploy highly available and scalable applications.

Security and operational excellence

You will learn best practices to improve the security and operational excellence of your applications, ensuring they are robust and reliable.

Confidence in application deployment

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to deploy applications in AWS with confidence, knowing that you are following industry-leading practices.

Join Deploying on AWS and become a better software developer by understanding how to deploy applications in AWS using best practices. Enroll now and start your journey from zero to highly available and scalable hero.

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Guille Ojeda, Solutions Architect

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I want to help software experts architect better cloud solutions on AWS. I've been an official AWS Authorized Instructor, I've taught private courses, coached engineers and architects, and delivered talks on public events in front of hundreds of people. That's the experience I bring to the table, and how I hope to impact your career.

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